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Columbia University

Education: Double Major – Business Administration with Management Consulting concentration (University of Richmond) and Industrial Engineering/Operations Research from Columbia University

Years of Tutoring Experience: 6 years

Subject(s) you tutor: Business Statistics, Financial Accounting, Calculus I, Physics I, Operations Management, Database Systems, ACT, SAT, Managerial Accounting, Microeconomics, Introduction to Finance, Microsoft Office

Relevant Test Scores: ACT: 34. SAT: 2200 (800 math, 700 writing, 700 reading)

Short Bio:

-I have tutored 2+ years at University of Richmond across math, physics, and business courses. Worked with many international kids as well during this time and worked with student-athletes as a separate tutor for Athletics department. I have also worked as a chess instructor for kids and groups of people for 4 years.

-I have helped students increase one letter grade. Help students from learning how to play chess from scratch to playing/winning a the state level. Helped a student athlete improve grade by almost two letter grades.

-I like to help the student with whatever they need help on from problems, to concepts, to helping tackle/problem-solve. I hope to establish a casual/friendly relationship with the student to ensure they are engaged in the lesson and we can get to the core of their problem.

-I think having the ability working with students of many ages, educational backgrounds, and from different cultures has allowed me to be flexible. I also prepare before each lesson and try to make myself available to the student even on off-hours.

-I am motivated to tutor to help other students learn concepts better. I know for me I had to struggle at points and had difficulties in other subjects where my friends/peers helped me out. I know the frustration of not getting concepts to click so I want to help make the process easy if possible.

-I plan to finish my second bachelors in Operations Research at Columbia and then work either in consulting or technology company on the business/operations side. I also plan to eventually get an MBA.

-Outside of tutoring, I am at the gym, watching most sports (football, basketball, tennis), playing video games, hanging out with my friends, and being involved with the south asian society on campus.

Hope this is all the information I need. I am attaching my picture as well.


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