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"When it comes to getting in to
top colleges, it takes a Team"

Princeton University

Education: Politics major, Princeton University, Class of 2019

Years of Tutoring Experience: 4

Subjects I tutor: Biology (and AP), US History (and AP), European History (and AP), World History (and AP), English (and AP for both Language and Literature), Psychology (and AP), Environmental Science (and AP), SAT, PSAT, SSAT

Relevant Test Scores: SAT – 2340 (Verbal 800, Writing 780, Math 760)

SAT 2 Biology – 800, SAT 2 US History – 800, SAT 2 Spanish – 780, SAT 2 Chemistry – 760

AP Biology – 5, AP US History – 5, AP English – 5, AP Psychology – 5, AP Environmental Science – 5, AP Calculus AB – 5

Short Bio:

I tutored throughout high school, both as a member of the Organization of Student Tutors and as a freelance tutor for members of my neighborhood. I have continued tutoring in college for a wide range of subjects and tests. I have worked with many students to help them raise their grades and scores; I recently helped one student to raise her SAT score by around 400 points. I love to tutor because it provides the opportunity to see concrete changes and development that I helped to foster in the student. I love the idea of nourishing someone’s potential and using the skills that I developed through high school to help others.

Outside of tutoring, I enjoy reading and always have, everything ranging from non-fiction accounts of global warming to historical fiction from the time of King Henry VIII. I am very passionate about politics and government policy but never got the opportunity to explore this passion in high school; I am really excited to be pursuing my true interests and dreams in college – I hope one day to work in policymaking as a career. I also have interests in science, particularly in psychology. I worked in a psychology lab the summer before my senior year of high school as part of three year science research program in which I was enrolled.


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