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"When it comes to getting in to
top colleges, it takes a Team"

Columbia University


M.S Mechanical Engineering Columbia University ,2015-2016

B.S Aerospace Engineering Sharif University of Technology,2010-2014

Years of Tutoring Experience: 7 years

Subject(s) you tutor: 

Algebra-Trigonometry-Geometry-Pre-calculus-AP Calculus-Chemistry-GRE Quantitative- Physics-Arabic-SAT Math-ISEE Math-SHSAT Math-Chemistry

Relevant Test Scores:

GRE Quantitative: 168/170

Short Bio:

My respect for education and penchant for applied science motivated me to opt for math, physics and chemistry in high school. After receiving my diploma in physics and math from high school, I took the university entrance exam in 2010. Among 500,000 applicants for technical universities in Iran, I ranked 780th. This test requires a strong academic background at pre-university level, with good analytic and quantitative skills. My performance in this screening test provided me with the privilege of choice. I selected the Aerospace Engineering department of Sharif University of Technology, the best technical university in Iran. After graduating from high school, I was hired at the high school I, myself had studied to teach math to advanced students. Among all the universities to which I had applied for my masters, some granted with full scholarship, I chose Columbia University, one of the top universities in the country. Based on my performance at Columbia University, I was chosen as a teacher Assistant of Aerodynamics for two semesters and I have been chosen as Excellent TA by students of Columbia University for both of these semesters. During all these years that I have taught variety of subjects such as: Math, Chemistry, Physics, etc. to different students, I have always tried to not only teach the material but also to inspire them and make the students interested in studying. As a result, for most of these students, based on their exam results, Math scores were among the highest and I believe that my method in teaching Math and science from an Engineer’s perspective make me a good candidate to tutor.


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