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"When it comes to getting in to
top colleges, it takes a Team"

Brown University

Education: Brown University, History, Class of 2018

Years of Tutoring Experience: 1

Subject(s) you tutor: Math, Critical Reading, Writing, Literature, United States History,

Relevant Test Scores: Critical Reading (760) Math (700), Writing (700), Literature (750)

Short Bio:

My experience as a tutor has centered around improving student’s critical reading and writing skills for both their standardized tests as well as the personal component of their applications. I have worked as a tutor with clients in multiple different countries, making me especially adept at teaching the tricks the SAT commonly uses on their substantial grammar and vocabulary sections. My deep love for Literature and History has given me extensive insight into how to study for these highly specialized tests as well.

My work as a tutor with international students applying to colleges in the United States includes a holistic approach to improving students’ applications by helping them craft a clear narrative about themselves, ensuring their application will jump off the page in the admissions room. I specialize in essay consultation, interview preparation, and building a functional resumé that showcases each student’s unique promise. Applying to college is a difficult and stressful process that is made much easier and enjoyable when students find themselves able to articulate a clear vision of themselves and what they bring to their dream schools.  Many of my students have gone on to be accepted to top United States colleges and graduate school programs including Cornell and MIT.

My passion for tutoring emerges from my strong believe that each student is unique, and should be given an opportunity to work through with help from someone who is able to devote their full attention to helping them improve. I meet the student where they are and working through problem areas with a collaborative approach that allows the student shift their thinking so that they enjoy the challenge of tackling a difficult problem. I have found that talking about a “test-taking mindset” makes an enormous difference in scores as well.


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