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"When it comes to getting in to
top colleges, it takes a Team"

Columbia University; University of Chicago

Education: Columbia University 2016, Chemistry. University of Chicago 2018, Chemistry

Years of Tutoring Experience: 8+

Subject(s) you tutor: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Calculus, SAT, ACT,

Relevant Test Scores:


–        Math 770

–        Reading 800

–        Writing 800

–        Total 2370

SAT Subject

–        Chemistry 750

–        Math II 730


–        Total 35

–        Science 33

–        Reading 35

–        Math 34

–        English 36


–        Verbal 170

–        Quantitative 150



–        Calculus BC 5

–        Chemistry 5

–        Biology 5

–        French 4

–        AP Literature 5

–        AP Composition 5

–        AP Statistics 5

Short Bio

Britt graduated from Columbia University with a degree in Chemistry, and University of Chicago with a degree in Inorganic Chemistry. While she enjoyed conducting research, she also found fulfillment in her teaching responsibilities, culminating in working with a professor to design a class on the chemistry of alternative energy targeted at non-science students. She is interested in improving access to science education and promoting STEM literacy, as well as open-access science publication.


She has experience tutoring in one-on-one settings and in groups, as well as teaching in laboratory and classroom settings. Britt’s goal with lesson planning and teaching is to show students how to solve problems by first making sure they have a solid understanding of the concepts involved. The laws of thermodynamics don’t disappear the second you’ve taken the AP Chemistry exam, and she hopes she can help give students a firm foundation for future study. 


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