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Columbia College

Education: Columbia University, Statistics and Economics, Class of 2023

Years of Tutoring Experience: 3 Years

Subject(s) you tutor:

ACT Prep

SAT Prep

SAT Math Subject Test(Levels 1 and 2)

AP Calculus AB

AP Calculus BC

AP Computer Science Principles

AP Physics 1

Algebra 1 and 2



Elementary/Primary School Math

Middle School Math

High School Chemistry

IB Mathematics

Relevant Test Scores:

ACT: 36 (36 Reading, 36 Math, 36 Science, 35 English)

SAT: 1560 (790 Math 770 R and W)

PSAT: 1480 (740 Math 740 R and W) (National Merit Finalist)

AP Physics C: Mechanics: 5

AP Physics 1: 4

AP Calclulus BC: 5

AP Calculus AB: 5

AP Calculus BC (AB Subscore): 5

AP Computer Science Principles: 5

SAT Mathematics Level 2 Subject Test: 800

SAT Physics Subject Test: 750

IB Mathematics HL: 6

Short Bio:

I entered the education industry in Fall of 2016, and have since worked primarily as a K-12 Math Tutor at a learning center. I’ve also done work as a peer tutor for miscellaneous science subjects, especially algebra and calculus-based physics during my high school years. I’ve worked with hundreds of different clients ranging from ages to 6 to 19, and also have experience working with clientele with learning differences. On average, students I’ve worked with see improvements of one to two letter grades, especially in high school level geometry, algebra, and precalculus. I’ve also helped create studying strategies for SAT/PSAT prep, with people I’ve advised seeing average increases of 100-200 points on their SAT scores. I also know the ACT extremely well, and have a host of strategies that helped me become one of some 2,500 people in the country to earn a perfect score in 2018. My tutoring style largely focuses on conceptual understanding and application. My first session with a client typically entails a diagnostic assesment of their learning style(kinesthetic, visual, verbal, etc.) so I can tailor my teaching to them. I also am a huge user of Khan Academy and will sometimes assign work to clients through that platform to ensure repeated practice of the topics I cover. I attribute my tutoring success to my teaching mindset: teaching as a student. My young age and recent exposure to the topics I teach allow me to teach learning strategies that helped me when I learned the material. At Columbia, I’m a major in statistics and economics, hoping to pursue graduate work in mathematics or a career in international development. Outside of tutoring, I’m a huge fan of Broadway and the performing arts, an amateur cartographer and programmer, and a critic of scented candles(feel free to ask for suggestions).


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