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"When it comes to getting in to
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Columbia University

Education: Columbia University 2018, Comparative Literature and Society
Years of Tutoring Experience: 2009-2014 public school help room tutor 1 hour/week. 1.5 years private tutoring for one high school client (2015-2016), Spanish, English, Algebra, Trigonometry. 1 year Curriculum Building as Research Assistant for Columbia University Justice in Education, 2016-2017.
Subject(s) you tutor: English, PSAT, SAT, Writing, Creative Writing, History, Anthropology,
Spanish, Social Studies, Film, Philosophy, Comparative Literature, Modern Standard Arabic,
College Applications, Common Application, College Essays, College Preparation, Study Skills.
Short Bio:
I have worked in a variety of environments, including with students facing the challenge of disabilities in learning or unconventional avenues to education. These have all been successful on both academic and personal levels. I have extensive training and practice in communication, patience, understanding and interpersonal dynamics both through tutoring and my role as Residential Advisor/Mentor at Columbia. My approach will be dynamic and mutual, focused on the learning process and on mutual benefit, learning and growth. I will also be gaining experience as a teacher, and this is always kept in mind. After my Graduation from Columbia I will be studying and working abroad and then applying to Graduate School. At University I am active as an editor at the Columbia Journal of Literary Criticism, an employee in the Department for Comparative Literature and Society, and and an RA in Columbia University Residential Life.


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