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Education: Princeton University, Molecular Biology 2009; Columbia University PhD 2014


Years tutoring experience: 9 years
Subject(s) you tutor: College Counseling and College Applications, Biology, Physics, Algebra, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, Geometry, SAT 2 Math, SAT, ACT, GRE
Relevant scores:
SAT Verbal: 700
SAT II Math II: 750
SAT II Writing: 720
SAT II Biology: 730
GRE Math Section: 760
AP Biology Exam: 5


Netonia is the leader and the Founder of The Ivy Team. Netonia has ten years tutoring experience, the last eight in New York City and has built a reputation as an exceptional tutor who has developed curricula that have raised students’ scores and grades markedly, allowing her students to gain admittance to the college of their dreams. Netonia tutor the maths and sciences as well as specializes in standardized test preparation. In the past, Netonia helped students raise their score as much as 350 point cumulatively on the SAT and 7 point on the ACT. Netonia is passionate about tutoring and sharing the benefits of her knowledge and education. She looks forward to expanding her curricula and helping more students get in to highly competitive colleges.
With the little free time that Netonia has, she loves to travel, talk, eat, read, write, act, shop, dance, and (on rare occasions) sleep.



Education: Princeton University Class of 2012, English Literature

Years of Tutoring Experience: 5 years

Subject(s) you tutor:




College Essays

College Applications

College Selection Process

AP English Literature

AP English Language

Honors / Regular English Literature

Honors / Regular English Language

Writing Skills

Resume Prep

AP US History

AP Government

Music Theory

Organization Skills

Project Management and Completion

Homework Help



Research Projects



Politics / Government

Cello Performance

Piano Performance


Vocal Performance


Relevant Test Scores:

2007 SAT: 790 Writing, 740 Reading, 730 Math

2007 ACT: 34 Composite


Short Bio:

Jess is a Princeton University graduate with a specialty in standardized testing, college prep, humanities, and homework help. She has been tutoring the SATs and ACTs, as well as academic subjects, for 5 years, and she is passionate about helping students find their confidence and easing anxiety around academics, college preparation, and testing. Keeping it simple is her primary method, and she’s helped dozens of students increase their scores on tests by at least 100 points, some 300+, through clear and simple reminder methods and general inspiration. Jess is also a songwriter and marketing professional in NYC, she loves working with families and students of all personalities, and she aims to quickly put everyone at ease by making the learning process fun, friendly, and manageable. She’s available for questions, advice, and concerns via phone and email anytime, to all her families, and she believes in open and comfortable teacher – student relationships so students feel they can rely on someone to help them through blocks. Tutoring became a passion first and foremost when she discovered that supporting students in taking better control over their work, scores, and overall attitude towards academics had farther reaching benefits: students performed better but also become healthier and more confident young adults, and that’s the real reward.


Education: Harvard College ’18, B.A. in English, cum laude

Years of Tutoring Experience: 1

Subject(s) you tutor:  College Applications, English, Literature, Poetry, Writing, Creative Writing, Literary Arts, Cover Letters, Copy editing, Proofreading

Relevant Test Scores: SAT Reading 800, SAT Writing 800, SAT Math 700

Short Bio:

Miles  graduated cum laude from Harvard College, where he received a B.A. in English. His senior thesis, a collection of poems entitled “The Candle is Forever Learning to Sing,” won several awards, including the Lloyd McKim Garrison prize for best poem by a Harvard undergraduate, and the David McCord prize for unusual creative talent. 

As a tutor, Miles has mentored college applicants, PhD dissertations, blossoming creative writers, high school and undergraduate English students, and more. Last year, his high school students received offers of admission to Stanford, the London School of Economics, University of California Berkeley, NYU, various Top 20 8-year undergrad/medical school programs, and the London School of Economics.

In high school, Miles attended the Vancouver School of Arts and Academics in Vancouver, WA. In 11th grade, Miles won national recognition at the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. He would go on to be named one of five National Student Poets, an honor conferred by the Library of Congress and the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities. His year as a National Student Poet included leading workshops, giving readings, implementing a community service project, and a private meeting with the Obamas. He was invited to teach at the Between the Lines program at the University of Iowa in 2016.

Miles is also an accomplished musician, and has toured solo and with his band The Solars through 18 states along with Canada and Europe. The Solars’ latest release, Retitled Remastered, was named one of the best local albums of the year by DigBoston.

Miles tutors a variety of writing-related subjects, including college applications, English, creative writing, and the humanities.


Education: Columbia University 2016, Chemistry. University of Chicago 2018, Chemistry

Years of Tutoring Experience: 8+

Subject(s) you tutor: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Calculus, SAT, ACT,

Relevant Test Scores:


–        Math 770

–        Reading 800

–        Writing 800

–        Total 2370

SAT Subject

–        Chemistry 750

–        Math II 730


–        Total 35

–        Science 33

–        Reading 35

–        Math 34

–        English 36


–        Verbal 170

–        Quantitative 150



–        Calculus BC 5

–        Chemistry 5

–        Biology 5

–        French 4

–        AP Literature 5

–        AP Composition 5

–        AP Statistics 5

Short Bio

Britt graduated from Columbia University with a degree in Chemistry, and University of Chicago with a degree in Inorganic Chemistry. While she enjoyed conducting research, she also found fulfillment in her teaching responsibilities, culminating in working with a professor to design a class on the chemistry of alternative energy targeted at non-science students. She is interested in improving access to science education and promoting STEM literacy, as well as open-access science publication.


She has experience tutoring in one-on-one settings and in groups, as well as teaching in laboratory and classroom settings. Britt’s goal with lesson planning and teaching is to show students how to solve problems by first making sure they have a solid understanding of the concepts involved. The laws of thermodynamics don’t disappear the second you’ve taken the AP Chemistry exam, and she hopes she can help give students a firm foundation for future study. 


Education: Brown University, History, Class of 2018

Years of Tutoring Experience: 1

Subject(s) you tutor: Math, Critical Reading, Writing, Literature, United States History,

Relevant Test Scores: Critical Reading (760) Math (700), Writing (700), Literature (750)

Short Bio:

My experience as a tutor has centered around improving student’s critical reading and writing skills for both their standardized tests as well as the personal component of their applications. I have worked as a tutor with clients in multiple different countries, making me especially adept at teaching the tricks the SAT commonly uses on their substantial grammar and vocabulary sections. My deep love for Literature and History has given me extensive insight into how to study for these highly specialized tests as well.

My work as a tutor with international students applying to colleges in the United States includes a holistic approach to improving students’ applications by helping them craft a clear narrative about themselves, ensuring their application will jump off the page in the admissions room. I specialize in essay consultation, interview preparation, and building a functional resumé that showcases each student’s unique promise. Applying to college is a difficult and stressful process that is made much easier and enjoyable when students find themselves able to articulate a clear vision of themselves and what they bring to their dream schools.  Many of my students have gone on to be accepted to top United States colleges and graduate school programs including Cornell and MIT.

My passion for tutoring emerges from my strong believe that each student is unique, and should be given an opportunity to work through with help from someone who is able to devote their full attention to helping them improve. I meet the student where they are and working through problem areas with a collaborative approach that allows the student shift their thinking so that they enjoy the challenge of tackling a difficult problem. I have found that talking about a “test-taking mindset” makes an enormous difference in scores as well.



M.S Mechanical Engineering Columbia University ,2015-2016

B.S Aerospace Engineering Sharif University of Technology,2010-2014

Years of Tutoring Experience: 7 years

Subject(s) you tutor: 

Algebra-Trigonometry-Geometry-Pre-calculus-AP Calculus-Chemistry-GRE Quantitative- Physics-Arabic-SAT Math-ISEE Math-SHSAT Math-Chemistry

Relevant Test Scores:

GRE Quantitative: 168/170

Short Bio:

My respect for education and penchant for applied science motivated me to opt for math, physics and chemistry in high school. After receiving my diploma in physics and math from high school, I took the university entrance exam in 2010. Among 500,000 applicants for technical universities in Iran, I ranked 780th. This test requires a strong academic background at pre-university level, with good analytic and quantitative skills. My performance in this screening test provided me with the privilege of choice. I selected the Aerospace Engineering department of Sharif University of Technology, the best technical university in Iran. After graduating from high school, I was hired at the high school I, myself had studied to teach math to advanced students. Among all the universities to which I had applied for my masters, some granted with full scholarship, I chose Columbia University, one of the top universities in the country. Based on my performance at Columbia University, I was chosen as a teacher Assistant of Aerodynamics for two semesters and I have been chosen as Excellent TA by students of Columbia University for both of these semesters. During all these years that I have taught variety of subjects such as: Math, Chemistry, Physics, etc. to different students, I have always tried to not only teach the material but also to inspire them and make the students interested in studying. As a result, for most of these students, based on their exam results, Math scores were among the highest and I believe that my method in teaching Math and science from an Engineer’s perspective make me a good candidate to tutor.


Education: Columbia College • Columbia University, B.A. in American Studies

Years of Tutoring Experience: 4

Subject(s) you tutor: US History, World History, Literature, SAT Math, Writing, SAT Reading, ACT English, ACT Math, ACT Writing, Biology, Geometry

Relevant Test Scores: SAT Math 740, SAT Reading 730, SAT Writing 720, SAT II US History 760, SAT Literature 700

Short Bio:

Has tutored with the Double Discovery Center at Columbia University, KIPP Austin Charter Schools (in association with the Plan II Honors Program at The University of Texas at Austin) and privately in NYC. Has gotten students into top tier public research universities like SUNY Binghamton and UT Austin with generous scholarships and packages. Worked extensively on personal statements with a variety of students in NYC and Austin, TX, earning some students special scholarships and benefits. My tutoring style is conversational, tailor made to each student’s passions, interests, strengths and weaknesses. I’m a passionate, fun-loving and personable educator who is interested in hearing about each student’s path to success. I’m working in politics as well as entertainment, hoping to create something along the lines of Heidi Schrek’s “What The Constitution Means To Me,” a work of theatre/art but with civic engagement at its core. 


Education: Double Major – Business Administration with Management Consulting concentration (University of Richmond) and Industrial Engineering/Operations Research from Columbia University

Years of Tutoring Experience: 6 years

Subject(s) you tutor: Business Statistics, Financial Accounting, Calculus I, Physics I, Operations Management, Database Systems, ACT, SAT, Managerial Accounting, Microeconomics, Introduction to Finance, Microsoft Office

Relevant Test Scores: ACT: 34. SAT: 2200 (800 math, 700 writing, 700 reading)

Short Bio:

-I have tutored 2+ years at University of Richmond across math, physics, and business courses. Worked with many international kids as well during this time and worked with student-athletes as a separate tutor for Athletics department. I have also worked as a chess instructor for kids and groups of people for 4 years.

-I have helped students increase one letter grade. Help students from learning how to play chess from scratch to playing/winning a the state level. Helped a student athlete improve grade by almost two letter grades.

-I like to help the student with whatever they need help on from problems, to concepts, to helping tackle/problem-solve. I hope to establish a casual/friendly relationship with the student to ensure they are engaged in the lesson and we can get to the core of their problem.

-I think having the ability working with students of many ages, educational backgrounds, and from different cultures has allowed me to be flexible. I also prepare before each lesson and try to make myself available to the student even on off-hours.

-I am motivated to tutor to help other students learn concepts better. I know for me I had to struggle at points and had difficulties in other subjects where my friends/peers helped me out. I know the frustration of not getting concepts to click so I want to help make the process easy if possible.

-I plan to finish my second bachelors in Operations Research at Columbia and then work either in consulting or technology company on the business/operations side. I also plan to eventually get an MBA.

-Outside of tutoring, I am at the gym, watching most sports (football, basketball, tennis), playing video games, hanging out with my friends, and being involved with the south asian society on campus.

Hope this is all the information I need. I am attaching my picture as well.


Education: Carnegie Mellon University, Mechanical Engineering, 2017

Years of Tutoring Experience: 2+

Subject(s) you tutor: Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus, AP Physics, AP Statistics, SAT Math, SAT Reading, SAT Writing, ACT Math, ACT Reading, ACT Writing, ACT Science, SHSAT, PSAT, CommonApp Essay, Supplemental Essay, US History, World History, Chemistry

Relevant Test Scores: SAT Math 780, SAT Reading 750, SAT Writing 740, SAT Math Level 2 790, SAT Physics 760, SAT US History 770, AP Physics B 5, AP Physics C 5, AP Calculus AB 5, AP Calculus BC 5, AP US History 5, AP Composition 5

Short Bio:

I started tutoring as the oldest cousin in a family that highly values education so I have experience with students from elementary school age to high school age. I’ve tutored my peers during high school and college in various subjects, whether it be first exposure to material or reviewing for exams; I can help students at any point in the learning process. I’ve also worked as a tutor at C2 education where I was allowed to put my own spin on the curriculum to give each student a more unique experience to reach his/her maximum potential. I can work with students struggling with certain subjects or strong students striving for perfection and everything in between. I try to find ways to motivate each student so each session is enjoyable instead of a chore. I enjoy helping students not only learn material, but also see the usefulness and application in whatever subject they are studying. While understanding and appreciation is vital, results are my top priority. I’ve been lucky enough to have an extensive education in a variety of subjects and I would like to pass the same knowledge and skills to other students motivated enough to learn them. I studied engineering for my undergraduate degree, but I plan on shifting careers into quantitative finance since I discovered my love of trading. Outside of tutoring I am still a full-time student who is further developing my trading, programming and portfolio management skills.


Education: Columbia University, Statistics and Economics, Class of 2023

Years of Tutoring Experience: 3 Years

Subject(s) you tutor:

ACT Prep

SAT Prep

SAT Math Subject Test(Levels 1 and 2)

AP Calculus AB

AP Calculus BC

AP Computer Science Principles

AP Physics 1

Algebra 1 and 2



Elementary/Primary School Math

Middle School Math

High School Chemistry

IB Mathematics

Relevant Test Scores:

ACT: 36 (36 Reading, 36 Math, 36 Science, 35 English)

SAT: 1560 (790 Math 770 R and W)

PSAT: 1480 (740 Math 740 R and W) (National Merit Finalist)

AP Physics C: Mechanics: 5

AP Physics 1: 4

AP Calclulus BC: 5

AP Calculus AB: 5

AP Calculus BC (AB Subscore): 5

AP Computer Science Principles: 5

SAT Mathematics Level 2 Subject Test: 800

SAT Physics Subject Test: 750

IB Mathematics HL: 6

Short Bio:

I entered the education industry in Fall of 2016, and have since worked primarily as a K-12 Math Tutor at a learning center. I’ve also done work as a peer tutor for miscellaneous science subjects, especially algebra and calculus-based physics during my high school years. I’ve worked with hundreds of different clients ranging from ages to 6 to 19, and also have experience working with clientele with learning differences. On average, students I’ve worked with see improvements of one to two letter grades, especially in high school level geometry, algebra, and precalculus. I’ve also helped create studying strategies for SAT/PSAT prep, with people I’ve advised seeing average increases of 100-200 points on their SAT scores. I also know the ACT extremely well, and have a host of strategies that helped me become one of some 2,500 people in the country to earn a perfect score in 2018. My tutoring style largely focuses on conceptual understanding and application. My first session with a client typically entails a diagnostic assesment of their learning style(kinesthetic, visual, verbal, etc.) so I can tailor my teaching to them. I also am a huge user of Khan Academy and will sometimes assign work to clients through that platform to ensure repeated practice of the topics I cover. I attribute my tutoring success to my teaching mindset: teaching as a student. My young age and recent exposure to the topics I teach allow me to teach learning strategies that helped me when I learned the material. At Columbia, I’m a major in statistics and economics, hoping to pursue graduate work in mathematics or a career in international development. Outside of tutoring, I’m a huge fan of Broadway and the performing arts, an amateur cartographer and programmer, and a critic of scented candles(feel free to ask for suggestions).


Education: Florida Atlantic University (2 years). Current undergraduate at Columbia University in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, majoring in Biomedical Engineering with a minor in psychology (Class of 2023)

Years of Tutoring Experience: 4

Subject(s) you tutor: – Spanish (any level from Spanish I to AP)

                                    – Chemistry (any level from Chemistry I to AP)

                                    – Physics

                                    – Calculus I/ AP Calculus AB

                                    – Pre-calculus

                                    – Trigonometry

                                    – Algebra

                                    – SAT Reading

                                    – SAT Math

                                    – Writing

Relevant Test Scores: SAT: 1600 (760 math, 740 reading)

                                       AICE Spanish (A+ with special distinction on speaking)

                                       AP Chemistry (4)

                                       AP United States History (4)

Short Bio:

Daniel has been a tutor for 4 years now, both in his home country (Colombia) and in the US. As a natural classroom leader, he had to learn how to properly transmit information early on in his life. This would prove useful later when dealing with other students. As a peer, he knew the struggles, the ins and outs of the student lifestyle; hence, he was able to use that knowledge in order to improve the student’s desire to learn. Often, he likes to introduce real-life concepts that may resemble or be closely related to the classroom topic; this, introduces a brand new perspective and generally produces inquiries in the students that can only be solved by learning.

For him, tutoring effectively students is a way to give back to the community. As for him, knowledge was the tool to improve his lifestyle. Daniel is sure that with knowledge and mastery over subjects, a person can not only drastically change their grades, but also their perspective about life.

He hopes to continue into a Medical School sometime after graduation in a MD/PhD program to fulfill his dream of becoming an orthopedist. In order to achieve that, he is currently taking an EMT course which has proven useful in nurturing his love for medicine. On a side note, he likes to play soccer recreationally and throughly enjoys social dancing.


Education: Wellesley College, English and Creative Writing, 2017

Bath Spa University, MA Creative Writing, 2018

Years of Tutoring Experience: 5

Subject(s) you tutor: English Literature, Creative Writing, Writing, SAT Subject Test English, ACT Reading, ACT English

Relevant Test Scores: ACT – 33

Short Bio:

I am a passionate writer and educator. I’ve been tutoring middle- and high school-aged children for five years. That, coupled with my extensive nannying experience has made me a very patient and diligent teacher. As far as my tutoring style is concerned, I always like to talk to the student on a social level to establish a connection and trust. I always prioritize the needs of the student in order to determine a lesson plan or a course of action. I am motivated to tutor because the tutoring I had in middle school is largely the reason I am so passionate about becoming an author. I hope to go back to school for my PhD in English or writing, and, after a few years working in the publishing industry, become an English professor. Outside of tutoring, I work several part-time jobs and am searching for full-time work.


Education: Smith College (B.A. Sociology, 2015), Columbia University (M.A. Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences, ongoing)

Years of Tutoring Experience: 4

Subject(s) you tutor: SAT, GRE, Writing, Reading Fluency & Comprehension,  Pre-Algebra, Algebra

Relevant Test Scores: 2010 SAT: 800 Reading, 750 Writing. GRE: 166 Verbal Reasoning, 160 Quantitative Reasoning, 5.0 Analytical Writing

Short Bio:

Hi! My name is Gretchen, and I have been tutoring students with a variety of backgrounds for several years. I love helping students find what excites them about the material and working through different approaches until they reach their “Aha!” moment. I individually tailor each of my sessions to the needs and learning styles of my students. Truly mastering new and/or difficult material takes some vulnerability and willingness to make mistakes. Therefore, I value modeling productive studying skills, building personal connections with my students, and helping them build connections with (and therefore interest in) their content.

I have helped middle and high school students improve their grades from C’s and D’s to A’s and B’s in both math and English, have helped college graduates prepare their writing samples and applications for graduate school, and helped high school seniors increase their skills on the SAT and ACT.

I’m currently pursuing my Master’s Degree at Columbia University – I hope to become a quantitative analyst, with an ultimate goal of helping non-profits better maximize their resources and communicate their impact. When I’m not studying or working, you can usually find me at the gym, trying out a new recipe, or singing.



B.A. in English with highest honors, minor in Food Studies, summa cum laude – UCLA (2017)

M.A. in English – Columbia University (in progress)

Years of Tutoring Experience:  2

Subject(s) you tutor: English, Essays, Writing, Literature, GRE General, GRE Subject in English Literature

Relevant Test Scores:

GRE General:  Writing – 5.5, 98% ; Verbal – 162, 91% ; Quantitative – 152, 46%

GRE Subject – English Literature:  660, 86%

Short Bio

I’m currently a PhD-track student in Columbia University’s Department of English and Comparative Literature. As a former elementary school teacher, my approach to instruction/consultation is to break down complex, qualitative subjects into more easily digestible bits.


Education: Columbia University in the City of New York, Economics Major, Class of 2020


Years of Tutoring Experience: 3 years


Subject(s) you tutor: SAT Prep, Essay Writing/Editing, SHSAT Prep, SSAT Prep, Supplement Writing/The CommonApp Essay


Relevant Test Scores: SAT Score: 2250, SSAT Score: 94th Percentile, SAT 2 Literature: 790


Short Bio:


My name is Anita, and I have been tutoring for 3 years. At my high school and in my hometown, I tutored students in SAT and SSAT prep. I also and assisted students with writing of all genres and purposes, but especially the CommonApp essay. My tutoring style is a mixture of patience and perseverance, and I make sure to tailor my approach to fit my student’s needs. I will never demand more than a student can give, but I will make sure to push you to reach and exceed your expectations. I really love reaching the ‘Eureka!’ moment with each of my students, and helping them get one step closer to their goals is what motivates me to tutor.

Outside of tutoring, I am an avid volleyball player of 5 years, and love to figure skate, read, and write poetry and short stories. After graduating from Columbia University with a degree in Economics, I hope to attend law school and work as a legal advisor for nonprofit organizations.


Education: Columbia University, B.S in Biomedical Engineering, Class of 2020
Years of Tutoring Experience: 3
Subject(s) you tutor: Tests: SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests – Math I, II, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, World History, U.S History, AP – World History, Statistics, Calculus, IB – Biology HL
Relevant Test Scores: SAT – 800 (Math), 760 (Reading)
SAT II – 800 (Math II), 790 (Biology), 780 (Chemistry), 800 (World History), 800 (U.S. History)
AP – 5 (World History), 5 (Statistics), 5 (Calculus)
IB- 7 (Math SL), 7 (English HL), 6 (Physics SL), 6 (Biology HL), 6 (History HL), 6 (Spanish SL)
Short Bio: 
I have been tutoring since I was senior in high school and I have continued this work during my time in college. I love tutoring because I love to teach! I think that there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a student master a concept they had once struggled with. I believe that a tutor’s job is to empower students to feel comfortable with material and to help students learn how to learn. A tutor is a facilitator for intellectual growth.
I think that my approach to tutoring takes advantage of the one-on-on approach turning allows. By working individually with students I am able to personalize my teaching style to the student, using methods that each student best responds to. In general, my tutoring style is focused on two main concepts. The first of these is repetition until a student understands a concept. When teaching Math and Science, you can read all you want about a subject and understand it in the abstract, but until you know how to apply that knowledge, it is for naught. I focus on giving practice problems to my students, with some problems focused on different areas of a topic and others repeating concepts from earlier problems. This approach fosters students critical thinking skills and encourages them to better understand the material. The second of my main approaches is close text-study with a partner. When studying English or history, reading primary texts and analyzing them closely with a tutor forces students to think on their feet as we work through analyzing the text together. This approach encourage students to fully think through literary and historical ideas.
I am currently a sophomore studying Biomedical Engineering and Music at Columbia University. As part of my studies, I work in the Olive Lab developing new techniques to image pancreatic cancer and promote early detection of the disease. I hope to pursue an M.D./Ph.D. and split my time between clinical and research work. Outside of tutoring and academic work, I love to play cello and sing! I currently perform as a member of Pizmon, the Jewish a cappella group of Columbia University.


Mark is a junior at Princeton University concentrating in math with an intended certificate in computer science.
Mark started tutoring in high school as an NHS peer tutor and currently works as a chess coach.
He tutors students primarily in the SAT, ACT, Math SAT Subject test, Chemistry SAT Subject test.
He works with students on a personalized basis, adapting to different learning styles and hopes that his experience will help others succeed in their admissions to top colleges. In his free time, he loves to fence and spend a lot of time in the outdoors.


Education: Master’s of Arts in Political Science from Columbia University
Years of Tutoring Experience: 4-5
Subject(s) you tutor: College Counseling, SAT, ACT, GRE, Middle School subjects (English, Math, and Science) and High School subjects (English and Biology)
Relevant Test Scores: 2013 ACT 34/36, 2017 GRE 162/170
Short Bio:
Growing up, I knew I wanted to follow my father’s footsteps to become a professor. I first started to teach 5 years ago when I was an undergraduate student studying International Affairs and Biology. I was a Teaching Assistant for the first year honors seminar, as well as an undergraduate Science Tutor for the college-level Introductory Biology and Advanced Genetics. After graduating, I took on an Academic Advising position and then a Program Director position – both at emerging educational institutions. Currently, I am pursuing a Master’s in Political Science degree at Columbia University and will work towards a PhD program after the completion of my Master’s program.
To me, tutoring is more than teaching. It is also a mentoring process where I can help my students to achieve their goals and pursue their dreams. My teaching style is personalized to each student. I like to get to know my students – what they like, what do not like, what learning methods worked for them, and what they want to do when they grow up. Through this, I can create engaging learning examples and case studies for my students based on their preferences. A large number of students I have worked with previously were domestic students preparing for standardized tests and international students struggling with the American application system. My tutoring experience include teaching and advising students between 8-20 years old.
Aside from teaching, I also really enjoy sports. Jogging and hiking are some of my favorite activities. I ran my first full marathon two years ago and I hope to participate in a triathlon soon!


Education: The Juilliard School (Drama); Columbia University-Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies Major; Bachelor’s 2020)

Subject(s) you teach: English, writing, reading comprehension, grammar, History, Geometry, study skills, organization, SAT Verbal section

Relevant test scores: (SAT- taken in 2009) 2160 out of possible score of 2400. Writing (essay 800); Verbal (710); Math (650).



Bambi is a Brooklyn-based Actor and Choreographer. He studied Acting at the Juilliard School. Upon completing his training his began his career as a performer both on stage and screen. In addition to his artistic work, he studies Middle Eastern, South Asian and African studies at Columbia University.

As a teacher, he has worked in the New York City school system with students in grades K-12. He enjoys working with young people and working to ensure that they master the tools needed to excel in school and beyond. He is patient, energetic, and reliable.


Outside of his artistic and teaching work, he is enjoys playing and watching sports, particularly basketball and soccer, reading, and spend