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"When it comes to getting in to
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Princeton University

Education: Princeton University class of 2020, undecided as to a major (freshmen are not allowed to declare yet, but I’m leaning towards comparative literature)


Years of Tutoring Experience: 4


Subjects I tutor: writing of any kind (essays, creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry, etc.), grammar and conventions, beginning levels of Spanish (1st or 2nd year students), the reading/writing and essay sections of the SAT, AP English Language or AP English literature, college essays/application reviewing


Relevant Test Scores: SAT 2400, SAT Math II 800, SAT Spanish 800, AP English Lang & Comp 5, AP English Lit & Comp 5, APUSH 5, WHAP 5, AP Calc AB and BC 5, AP Spanish Lang 4


Short Bio:


I began my informal tutoring in my eighth grade English class, where I first peer-edited essays for a couple of my friends and eventually became known among my classmates as a resource for proofreading and advice for those pre-deadline nights of panicked writing. I was a part of my high school’s humanities program, an intensive combination of English and history, and classmates for whom I edited papers often told me that their essay grades had improvements of a letter grade or more compared to previous ones. During my sophomore year, I began editing college essays for several seniors at my high school, and I have had more and more essays on my hands every year. During my junior year, after I took the SAT for the final time, underclassmen at my high school began asking me to tutor them on what were then the critical reading, writing multiple choice, and essay sections.


For test-based tutoring, I take the first couple sessions to go over basic rules, knowledge that needs to be memorized, and strategies for studying. Then, I work with the student specifically on his/her weaker areas until s/he gets used to approaching texts or prompts in new ways. For writing-based tutoring, I typically take the student through several drafts, the first and second for which I focus on content, and the subsequent ones for which I work with the student on organization and proofreading. I tutor because I believe in the beauty of language, and I don’t want anyone to get frustrated enough doing any writing assignment that s/he starts to dislike writing! I’d love to work with you on anything language-related.


Outside of tutoring, I love to sing and have been singing in choirs since fourth grade, as well as studying classical voice for the past four years. As a prospective comparative literature major, I am continuing my studies from high school in Spanish and have just started learning Italian. In my free time, I like to bake and crochet and write poetry.


+ 323-IVY-TM12
+ 323-489-8612 We will get back to you with in 12 hours