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Carnegie Mellon Univeristy

Education: Carnegie Mellon University, Cognitive Neuroscience, 2019

Years of Tutoring Experience: 2

Subject(s) you tutor: Biology, Psychology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Algebra I&II, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus

Relevant Test Scores: SAT- 2000, AP English Language and Composition- 4

Short Bio:

My name is Chinemeh and I am currently a student at Carnegie Mellon University studying cognitive neuroscience. I have only been tutoring for a couple of years but I have seen great results. I have always tutored classmates throughout high school and while in college and I have tutored kids in the 100 Black Men organization. One of my biggest successes was helping a student raise their reading level by 3 grade levels and helping them feel more confident reading in front of others.One of my greatest strengths as a tutor is I do not give up and I encourage my students to take the same stance. I also think it is helpful for them to see the progress they have made over time, as this serves as another great form of encouragement. When I first started tutoring in high school I really liked the fact that I could help people master concepts they never thought they were capable of understanding and this has served as my motivation for tutoring. I like to tailor my tutoring style to the student so that they learn in the most effective way possible. I plan to stay at Carnegie Mellon for an additional year to get a Master’s Degree in Health Care Policy and Management and afterwords I plan on going to medical school. Outside of tutoring I conduct psychology research, and I enjoy playing tennis, reading, and going to museums.


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