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"When it comes to getting in to
top colleges, it takes a Team"

Central Michigan University

Education: Central Michigan University, Biomedical Science, 2007; Howard University College of Medicine

Years of Tutoring Experience: 6

Subject(s) you tutor: ACT, SAT, SAT II Physics, AP Spanish, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics

Relevant Test Scores: ACT: 32, AP Spanish Bio and Physics: 4


Short Bio:

I have tutored and taught for six years for Kaplan Test Prep, receiving excellent ratings in student satisfaction surveys- helped multiple students achieve 90th percentile scores on both the SAT and ACT, a few increasing their scores by as many as six points on ACT and 400 points on SAT, gaining in admission into schools such as Vanderbilt, Stanford, Yale and UPenn. Helped Spanish students gain proficiency in pronunciation and thorough verb conjugation.

I love tutoring from the student’s perspective. they lead the process. we work together to achieve their goals. this ensures that student’s remain engaged in the process and can feel like active participants. this is in contrast to the teaching style used in school with there is often little to no active learning.

I believe that one of my keys to success is listening to students, understanding their areas of weakness and figuring out their learning style. I also have a genuine interest in each of my student’s success. 

The ‘aha moments’ are what inspire me most as a tutor. seeing a student’s eye light up the first time that they understand a concept or when we identify a weak area together and a student applies him/herself and sees real life results
I am currently completing MD/MBA program at the Howard University College of Medicine with plans to complete a residency in psychiatry and potentially a career as a Chief Medical Officer position in hospital administration


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