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"When it comes to getting in to
top colleges, it takes a Team"

College Admissions Consulting

So you are wishing and willing to go to Harvard but are tense then it is natural especially if you do not have a family legacy, and you are not a minority and not even an athlete. I suggest you handover all the anxiety to college admissions consulting experts

There is no sure shot winning formula for getting into an Ivy League college but college admissions consulting experts can create a room for you maybe. If you are looking for professional help then I am with you for it will at least save you from the flurry of anxiety that surrounds the admission process.

One thing most counselors will tell you is that there is a major difference between writing something that looks good on your application and actually being passionate about that cause. And the selection committee knows the difference. The people from the selection committee get applications which are all filled with towering claims and thus they have come to know the distinction between what is only a claim and real passion. For example there was a girl who had written something like she had worked for the betterment of the lives of sex workers and for the preservation of their rights. The selection committee immediately would know whether that is real. In this case the girl really was passionate about the cause and she got selected.

The next important question is whether or not you will be selected if you can pay the full fee without loans and grants and what happens when you can’t pay and need financial aid. As far as the Ivy League colleges are concerned these colleges find a balance by selecting a few who don’t need this financial aid and few of those who need it.

Also, you should blow your trumpet but the selection panel is a busy and you shouldn’t try gimmicks.

Now let us talk about how much you will have to shell out for the services of these counselors and what to look for in a counselor. There are all kinds of counselors you’ll find for example some of them who will help only with essays and charge $250 and those who will take all responsibility for your every move throughout the admission process and charge around $40000. Besides money another criteria is that if the counselor will meet you in person or just be available online. In this case the choice should be obvious for I doubt how a person can counsel you just by Skyping with you.

The most important thing according to me is that students who are going for these entrances are after all only in their 20s and are these are still formative years so just in case they do not get selected they shouldn’t think it’s the end of the world. So, if you hear the counselor talk about the possibility of the selection not happening then I think that proves that the counselor cares for the overall wellbeing of your child and maybe you should select such a counselor instead of someone who tries and fools you with claims of 100% guarantee of success. This choice will affect your kid’s life and I hope you make an informed choice. All the best!


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