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Common Application Assistance

It’s time to fill the common application form but if you feel that it’s too early then you can utilize your summer for the same. In either case if you have been looking for common application assistance then you are the right place.

An important thing to be noted is that all accounts that were created in 2015-16 will be carried forward into the next year. For example the data that you entered in your application form for 2016-17 will be saved and can be used for the application of 2017-18. Few things that should be kept in mind are as follows:

1) Go and make a account at and your account will be carried forward to the next year. Select the button “Other Student” on the registration page in case you will not be enrolling in college for a whole year.

2) The information containing your user name and Common App ID will be saved in the system for next year. You can login using the current email id.

3) All the other data of common app will also be preserved.

As a part of common application assistance I think it is important to talk about what is wrong with this system. So let’s do that. Let’s talk about some things which are wrong with this system so that you aren’t taken aback when the problem arises and so that you do not blame yourself or freak out. One glitch with this common app occurs when a student is trying to upload a document which he has the option to replace. In order to replace the document the candidate thinks he has to simply delete the original file and create a new file. Now the candidate thinks that the original file has been permanently deleted when the delete button was pressed. Problem is that the when the student tries to upload a new document with the same name as the old document (the deleted file) the common app restores the original version which was deleted. In order to avoid this glitch what the student has to do is to create a new name for the new file. A lot of students have ended up submitting the documents which they didn’t intend to send all because of this glitch. Another major glitch in this system is that students are not being able to enter spaces between two paragraphs. This glitch hasn’t been worked out yet and so as a student you have nothing to worry about since it isn’t your fault. Another problem of a similar nature is that some students find their last paragraph of the essay deleted for no fault of theirs. The problem corrects itself if you copy paste the last paragraph a couple times.

A few final tips to keep in mind are as follows:

1) Each section that you have finished will show a green tick mark at the end.

2) Look at the “My colleges” tab or your dashboard to see if the college where you are applying need a writing supplement from you.

3) Its a good idea to take a print out of your submission to each university.

4) Last but not the least submits your FAFSA so as to get the best of financial aid

Hope this helped! All the best!


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