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Cornell University

Education: (College, major, year of graduation) Cornell University Class of 2019, Psychology Major. Future MD Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Class of 2023
Years of Tutoring Experience: 4
Subject(s) you tutor: 
College Level:
Organic Chemistry I and II
General Chemistry I and II
General Biology: Cellular and Physiology
Physics I Mechanics
High School:
AP Chemistry
AP Biology
AP Psychology
AP Physics I Mechanics
AP World History
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
SAT II Chemistry
SAT II Biology
Relevant Test Scores:
General SAT Total 2220: 750 Critical Reading 720 Math 750 Writing
SAT II Chemistry 800
SAT II Math Level II 780
SAT II Biology 750
Short Bio:
Tutoring is my passion because It allows me to leave a legacy of my knowledge to others. I have been tutoring at Cornell University as part of the Biology Scholars Program in subjects such as Organic Chemistry and General Chemistry. I worked with students that come disadvantaged backgrounds and who need guidance on how to prepare for these tough courses as a pre-medical student. I have also provided mentoring in medical school admissions as part of the program and guided students on how to package themselves for admissions. I have also been hired as a Teaching Assistant in Cornell University for Introductory Psychology. I am also currently a tutor for the Learning Strategies Center at Cornell where I tutor students in Cellular Biology and Physiology. I have also taken my tutoring skills to provide mentorship in the organization I founded in college entitled the LGBTQ+ Pre-Health Association. I have worked with students to apply to medical schools to identify sexuality in order to give back to the community and work on healthcare disparity. Through my social work and tutoring experience, I have been accepted to the FlexMed Program at Icahn at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. I love to provide students on information in regards to applying for graduate schools and give my advice from my experiences. My tutoring style is to understand what is the student’s background because I believe each student does not learn the same and it is important to work with them by changing styles and methods. Outside of school, I have a passion for photography! I love traveling and finding new locations around my hometown in Los Angeles where I can find the next great shot.


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