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"When it comes to getting in to
top colleges, it takes a Team"

Columbia University

Education: Columbia University, Computer Science and Philosophy, 2018


Years of Tutoring Experience: 5


Subject(s) you tutor: SAT (reading, writing), Common App, college application guidance, general essay writing (middle school through graduate level), philosophy (high school, undergraduate), European history (middle and high school, undergraduate), US history (middle and high school, undergraduate), general application essays (Business School, Law School, various Graduate), Literature (middle and high school, undergraduate), proofreading and editing or re-writing (all subjects), World History (middle and high school, undergraduate).


Relevant Test Scores: SAT: 2380 (Reading 800; Writing 800; Maths 780).


Short Bio


I began informally tutoring in middle school, when several classmates asked for my help with assignments and test preparation. This continued on and off through high school, by which point I had developed a genuine passion for helping other students to see their own potential. I began formally tutoring in 2012, at which point I helped a high school student learn how to properly outline and write a strong essay. I later helped this student in her college application process. I guided her through the daunting task of finding the right schools, researching and narrowing down those options, and ultimately writing the application essay (as well as all of the shorter Common App essays). I repeated this for two more students, all of whom got into top schools (respectively, Columbia, NYU, and Hamilton College). This has been my proudest tutoring experience, as I understand firsthand how daunting the process can be, and it is tremendously rewarding to be able to help someone to meet their goals. I also have extensive experience tutoring across various subjects (particularly Philosophy, Literature, and European History) with a core focus on essay writing.

My tutoring style is rooted in my desire to help students to see their own potential (understanding concepts and strategies for long term results, rather than just giving them the “plug-‘n-chug” method for getting a quick grade). I try to make the material as relatable and interesting as possible, so that it feels rewarding (particularly when grades improve) rather than like a chore. The most rewarding part of tutoring is to see students begin to actively engage of their own accord with a subject that previously gave them anxiety. As someone who grew up in Manhattan, I understand the rigours (as well as the intense pressure and competition) of the school system in the City. I have always greatly enjoyed learning and teaching, and this has motivated me to continue tutoring.

I intend to work in private equity or tech after graduating. In my spare time, I love to travel, read, watch documentaries, spend time with my dog, and spend time with those closest to me.


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