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"When it comes to getting in to
top colleges, it takes a Team"

Harvard College

Education: Harvard – 2020


Years of Tutoring Experience: 5


Subject(s) you tutor:


SAT I: Math; 

SAT Subjects: Math (Basic and Advanced), Physics, Chemistry;

Middle School and High School Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry;

College applications;

College Essay Assistance and Editing;

Admissions coaching;

Elementar and Advanced Portuguese.


Relevant Test Scores: SAT I: M: 750 (97 National Percentile), W: 670 (93 National Percentile), CR: 710 (96 National Percentile); SAT II: Physics: 800, Math II: 800, Chemistry: 780; TOEFL: 112


Short Bio


Tutoring is one of my main passions even before I went to Harvard. I graduated in 2015 at the Military School of Brasilia, the largest school in Latin America, as the Colonel Student (Class Valedictorian). During High School I worked for as a private tutor for Math, Physics and Portuguese. I also created and worked in a tutoring program called Tuturos for middle and high school students in need.
After my graduation from High School, I decided to apply to several American universities. Thus, I had to diligently work in my application process, taking several exams and writing the college essays. Fortunately, I was admitted at Harvard in Early Action program to be part of the Harvard Class of 2020. During my freshman year, some of the classes I took were: Calculus I, Introduction to Statistics, Economics, French, Advanced Writing and Introduction to Computer Science (CS50). To continue my tutor activities at the University, last year I was certified by the Harvard Bureau of Student Council to become a Professional Peer Tutor.

I recently decided to take a gap-year in school to explore some opportunities in NYC and discover more passions. I always loved teaching and helping students achieving their goals, since I know that every one has a potential to succeed, but sometimes a small help may be necessary. Thus, during this year, I am more than excited to help students from elementar Math, to test prep, and with College application counseling.

I have worked with students of different age groups, from middle school to college students. In all the subjects I teach, my main approach is “the student is always holding the pen”. That is, I try to help him solve his doubts without giving him or her directly the answer or solution. I am very result-oriented and am not satisfied until the student achieves substantial improvements.

I am more than happy to assist you with all your doubts and objetives, as well as to share my experiences of how I got into Harvard!


+ 323-IVY-TM12
+ 323-489-8612 We will get back to you with in 12 hours