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"When it comes to getting in to
top colleges, it takes a Team"

University of Chicago


Education: University of Chicago, BA in Math and Music, 2010

University of Chicago, MAT in Math Education, 2012

New York University, MPH in Nutrition, 2016


Years of Tutoring Experience: over 10


Subject(s) you tutor:

Math, Reading, Writing,



Relevant Test Scores: SAT: Math 780, Verbal 740

GRE: math 168, verbal 164, writing 5


Short Bio:

My name is Hannah, and I have been tutoring for over a decade. In addition, I’ve worked as a classroom teacher for five years. Some of the subjects I have taught include math, music, standardized test prep, reading/writing, and nutrition. I have taught at all levels, mainly high school but also college, middle school, and elementary school. As a longtime tutor, I have a plethora of materials (textbooks, practice problems, lessons) which I am happy to share with students who may find them helpful. My general strategy is to figure out in which areas a given student needs the most help, identify the best materials for this student, and then work through those materials, making sure the student has plenty of opportunities to do practice problems and ask questions. I work hard for my students and enjoy helping them achieve their goals.


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+ 323-489-8612 We will get back to you with in 12 hours