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Ivy League Admissions

If you have finished school and are looking forward to attending an Ivy League College then I would like to congratulate you and give you some information that might come handy. Ivy League admissions are in itself worth in gold and can open avenues that you never thought possible. This article is full of hacks that might just open those Ivy gates for you.

Which colleges have this prestigious tag of Ivy League? They are the Yale University, Princeton University, The University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University, Cornell, Columbia, Brown University and the Dartmouth College.

These universities bear a mark of excellence in education and social elitism and therefore you should be ready to face stiff competition. You will need a transcript, high school profile, and letters of recommendation, school report and all the required essays.

First of all your academic index (AI) will be calculated (mostly scored on a scale of 1-5 where 5 is the highest). This index takes into account your class GPA and your SAT score. If two people score the same on AI or academic index then their essays will be checked. A moving essay will win against a boring one.

Spend those $89 and go for an Advance Placement or AP exam because the selection panel wants to see that you have challenged yourself. Scoring an A in an AP exam is better than an A in a non AP exam.

Another important tip I want to give you is that you find a niche subject where you know you always excel .For example in my case it was French. So, once you have found your niche you can showcase it as much as your talent of blowing your own trumpet allows.

If you are still in school and have decided that you want to be part of the Ivy League then the best thing you can do is to start playing a sport. That will give you a definite edge over those who are not into sports. Participating in sports or being a part of the student government will also speak for your leadership skills.

Let your application have a central theme. For example if you want to study psychology in college then your application should suggest that you have not just studied psychology in school but have also done community work in the field. This means that your curricular and extracurricular together should make a compelling case for you. Make sure all your achievements no matter how small are listed in the application.

Another important thing which I want to say is that finding a scholarship is easy. Just go to any scholarship website and approach local organizations that offer scholarships. It is a myth that finding a scholarship is tough! It isn’t

Now there can be two scenarios: 1) You do not have sufficient information 2) You are inundated with too much information. In either case you can take recourse to one of the leading organizations formed by the alumni of Ivy League colleges. Hope you are now geared up for the Ivy League admissions. All the best.


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