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"When it comes to getting in to
top colleges, it takes a Team"

University of Pennsylvania



University of Pennsylvania, BA, Psychology, 2010

Temple University, Master of Public Health (MPH), 2014

Walden University, All but dissertation, will earn PhD, Public Health, 2018/2019


Tutoring Experience:


Reading coach, Philadelphia Reads Program, 2007

Volunteer Teacher: Taught basic neuroscience concepts to 10th graders at Sayre High School, Neuroscience Pipeline, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2007

Community Outreach Volunteer: Taught young children about importance of wearing bicycle helmets, Kids Judge Neuroscience Fair, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2007-2008


Short Bio:


I am a dissertation candidate with a 4.0/3.92 GPA. I possess excellent written, oral, and electronic communication skills. I have experience working with tenth graders (I taught basic neuroscience concepts to tenth graders at Sayre High School) Please refer to the experience section of this report and my curriculum vitae. I have been around books all of my life and am a voracious reader. I taught myself to read prior to attending school. I have a bachelor of arts in psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, a master of public health from Temple University and I will soon have a PhD in public health as well.


Areas of speciality and tutoring style:


I have a strong background in a variety of areas. Writing is my specialty. I have written everything from essays and narratives, short stories, poetry and screen plays to academic scholarly articles, and grants. I use an individualized, supportive approach because I believe that every student is unique.

I also can do online tutoring. Using Google Hangout students can upload work and receive feedback in real time


Past tutoring successes:


Helped a student to increase his reading skills and by 50%, which increased his confidence and may have enabled him to graduate from high school

Inspired a several students to consider pursuing a career in medicine



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+ 323-489-8612 We will get back to you with in 12 hours