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Columbia University

Education: Columbia University, B.S in Biomedical Engineering, Class of 2020
Years of Tutoring Experience: 3
Subject(s) you tutor: Tests: SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests – Math I, II, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, World History, U.S History, AP – World History, Statistics, Calculus, IB – Biology HL
Relevant Test Scores: SAT – 800 (Math), 760 (Reading)
SAT II – 800 (Math II), 790 (Biology), 780 (Chemistry), 800 (World History), 800 (U.S. History)
AP – 5 (World History), 5 (Statistics), 5 (Calculus)
IB- 7 (Math SL), 7 (English HL), 6 (Physics SL), 6 (Biology HL), 6 (History HL), 6 (Spanish SL)
Short Bio: 
I have been tutoring since I was senior in high school and I have continued this work during my time in college. I love tutoring because I love to teach! I think that there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a student master a concept they had once struggled with. I believe that a tutor’s job is to empower students to feel comfortable with material and to help students learn how to learn. A tutor is a facilitator for intellectual growth.
I think that my approach to tutoring takes advantage of the one-on-on approach turning allows. By working individually with students I am able to personalize my teaching style to the student, using methods that each student best responds to. In general, my tutoring style is focused on two main concepts. The first of these is repetition until a student understands a concept. When teaching Math and Science, you can read all you want about a subject and understand it in the abstract, but until you know how to apply that knowledge, it is for naught. I focus on giving practice problems to my students, with some problems focused on different areas of a topic and others repeating concepts from earlier problems. This approach fosters students critical thinking skills and encourages them to better understand the material. The second of my main approaches is close text-study with a partner. When studying English or history, reading primary texts and analyzing them closely with a tutor forces students to think on their feet as we work through analyzing the text together. This approach encourage students to fully think through literary and historical ideas.
I am currently a sophomore studying Biomedical Engineering and Music at Columbia University. As part of my studies, I work in the Olive Lab developing new techniques to image pancreatic cancer and promote early detection of the disease. I hope to pursue an M.D./Ph.D. and split my time between clinical and research work. Outside of tutoring and academic work, I love to play cello and sing! I currently perform as a member of Pizmon, the Jewish a cappella group of Columbia University.


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