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"When it comes to getting in to
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University of Pennsylvania

Education: University of Pennsylvania, College of Arts and Sciences, Biochemistry major with minor in Chinese, expected graduation: May 2019.
Years of tutoring experience: 2
ACT (all subjects + writing), Biology with a focus on cellular biology, Math up to calculus 2, Reading comprehension, Writing skills/grammar, essay editing, 20th century Chinese history and politics, Basic Chinese (simplified) and grammar

Relevant test scores:
Took the ACT 3 times:
1st: 32 ACT (33 Math, 32 English, 33 Reading, 29 Science) + 10 Writing
2nd: 33 ACT (30 Math, 34 English, 34 Reading, 32 Science) + 10 Writing
3rd: 36 ACT (36 Math, 36 English, 35 Reading, 35 Science) + 11 Writing
I tutored high school, but the bulk of my tutoring used to be when I volunteered at a science museum for 1000+ hours and taught other volunteers/guests science (broad range including geology, biology, physics, etc.). I have also helped a close friend pass a college level math course-her worst subject at the time.
In regards to tutoring style, first I’ll ask you questions to see how much understanding you first have on the material.  Then I like to explain concepts in multiple ways until I know that you understand the material.  After that, I’ll ask you some more complex questions/give you some problems and solve them with you to help resolve any confusions. Finally I’ll give you some more problems to do and make sure that you’re getting them all right.  I love helping people, and the future careers I’m considering (medicine, consulting, law) all involve utilizing expertise to help people improve their lives.  Outside of tutoring, I also do art (my favorite mediums are oil and watercolor), I work in a research laboratory at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and practice my cooking.


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