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Cornell University

Education: Cornell University (Tech Campus in Roosevelt Island), Master of Financial Engineering, December 2018
Years of Tutoring Experience: 2 years
Subject(s) you tutor: math, statistics, calculus, linear algebra, economics, finance
Relevant Test Scores: GRE 332 (V162+Q170)
Short Bio:
I have been tutoring for two years, covering the fields of subject tutoring and university application consultancy. The offers received by my former students include CMU MSCF, Cornell MFE, Columbia MAFN, NYU MFE, Cambridge Management and so on. I enjoy giving all the information and knowledge that I have to my students and guiding them in the right way combining my past experiences and their own situation. It is really fulfilling for me to see my students succeed in course work or university applications. As a tutor, I am very patient and encouraging to students, and will always see the strengths in them.
Besides tutoring, I am currently a Master student majoring in Financial Engineering at Cornell University, expected to graduated on December 2018. After graduation, I will be working in an investment bank.


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