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"When it comes to getting in to
top colleges, it takes a Team"

Princeton University

Education: Princeton University, B.S.E. in Chemical and Biological Engineering, 2017


Years of Tutoring Experience: 4 years


Subject(s) you tutor:

Mathematics (pre-Algebra through Differential Equations), Calculus I & II

Physics, Chemistry, Biology


Tests: SAT; ACT; SAT II in Math Levels 1 & 2, AP Calculus AB and BC, Physics, Biology E/M, Chemistry, Physics;, Physics (1, 2, C), Biology, Chemistry, Language


Relevant Test Scores:

SAT – 800 (math), 730 (reading)

SAT II – 780 (Math Level II), 750 (Chemistry)

AP – 5 (Calculus AB, Chemistry, Biology, Language)


Short Bio:


Teaching and mentoring has been a big part of my life since high school, when I volunteered as a tutor during the school year for National Honor Society and coached youth swimming in the summers. In college, I worked as a private tutor for students in pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, and PSAT. I also peer tutored for 3 years with the McGraw Center, Princeton’s official peer tutoring agency, in pre-Calculus, Calculus AB and BC, Multivariable calculus, Physics (1, 2, C), Biology, and Organic Chemistry. For 2 of those years, I was a Head Tutor for Calculus, and organized workshops to train new tutors in math pedagogy and learning styles. Since graduating, I have worked as an independent tutor in a variety of math and science fields, as well as SAT and SAT II Subject tests.


As I see it, the best tutoring starts with careful, targeted instruction and prompting that guide the student toward deeper understanding. From there, I work to encourage independence to the degree that the student is challenged, but not overwhelmed. I have always found it very rewarding to see students advance in this incremental way, growing in knowledge, confidence, and interest for the subject– with the not-so-small side benefit of better grades!


In practice, then, my tutoring sessions are constructed with some time allotted for content review to strengthen the foundation, and then the core of the session is challenging that knowledge through active learning: practice questions, problem-solving, and socratic-style questioning – with homework assignments (depending on the student’s time constraints) to make the best use of the time in between sessions.


Thank you, and I hope to work with your student!


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