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"When it comes to getting in to
top colleges, it takes a Team"

Karina F.
Columbia College

College, Major Year: Columbia University, Neuroscience (expected 2020)

Experience tutoring: 6

Subjects taught: English, Reading Comprehension, Creative Writing, Psychology, Sociology, Biology, SAT II Literature, SAT Reading Comprehension, SAT Writing, SAT Essay, Admissions Coaching including Essay Writing and Editing 

Test Scores: SAT I: 2360 (800: Reading comprehension, 800: Writing, 760: Math); SAT 2 Biology: 740; SAT 2 Literature: 740; SAT 2 Math II: 760 

Profile: Hi! My name is Kai, and I’m from Manila, Philippines! 

I’ve been peer tutoring since 7th grade, and started an informal “crash course” tutoring program in my high school. As a tutor, I like painting overarching big ideas and going through finer details as needed. In my high school history class, I often condensed large lessons into 15-minute short bursts filled with important figures, dates, and events. I’m also a huge storyteller, and I like presenting ideas in more understandable metaphors. Aside from tutoring, I specialize in essay composition and editing. I’ve worked with many of my friends from home fine-tuning their applications for American colleges, making sure their CommonApp and supplementary essays aligned to create a coherent and focused profile. My personal experience with admissions coaches has helped me distinguish strong profiles and writing! Outside school, I love traveling, composing music, graphic design, and any art really! I also work for a coding nonprofit called CodePhil! In the future I hope to be a clinical psychologist, and set up a neurodevelopment research lab focused on children experiencing early-life adversity.


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