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"When it comes to getting in to
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Princeton University

Education: Princeton University, Mathematics with a Certificate in Applied Mathematics, 2014; Universite Paris Sud, Masters in Probability and Statistics, 2015


Years of Tutoring Experience: 6


Subject(s) you tutor: (please make an exhaustive list. Clients will be able to search you by this list a well) mathematics, writing, algebra, geometry, calculus, pre-calculus, SAT, ACT, microeconomics, statistics


Relevant Test Scores: SAT: 2310 (composite, of which: 800 (M), 740 (C), 770 (W)), GRE: 170 (V), 165 (M), SAT II Math: 800



Short Bio


I have six years’ on-and-off experience tutoring high school students (at Princeton High School and Lawrenceville Preparatory School) in Mathematics and Microeconomics. I also have experience editing college essays.

I helped a student receive a 5 on her AP Calculus BC exam– she wrote me an ecstatic email several months after we had stopped working together (because she had taken the exam) to tell me how happy she was.

I follow as much as I can the inductive approach to teaching. In other words, I want the student to discover the material for him/herself, rather than have me directly state it. To this end, I will provide many examples and illustrations and try to guide my student towards revealing the general concept behind them. Of course, inductive instruction is much more time-consuming than deductive instruction, so I will incorporate both styles during a tutoring session.

I place much emphasis on getting to know my students, in order to cater my tutoring style to their needs. I also encourage them to contact me during the week if they need immediate help with something.

When it comes to tutoring technical subjects, particularly math, I try to take on the role of a coach as well as a tutor. Mathematics has such a bad reputation in the United States today as a tedious, torturous subject. I want to show my students how beautiful mathematics can be, because I believe that taking some interest in the subject is important for excellence in it.

I have a wide background in many different subjects, from the humanities to the hard sciences. As such, I can draw connections between concepts in many different fields, and I am always able to find common ground with my students. Even if my students do not consider themselves “math people,” I will be able to connect with them on what they enjoy studying and then use that common interest to motivate them in more technical subjects.

As a female mathematician myself, I know the obstacles that confront women in technical fields. I am passionate about encouraging girls to transcend gender stereotypes and to be excited about mathematics.

Education is the most important thing we can give to younger generations, and I am concerned with the quality of education, particularly in STEM, in the United States today. Given the way mathematics is taught today, it is no wonder most people hate it! In school, we are forced to memorize rules that we apply over and over again in our homework. It is boring and uninspiring. Taught properly, mathematics is like an art. But the way it is taught today is more like paint-by-numbers.

Tutoring also teaches me. It helps me keep material I once learned alive for myself. When I tutor, I have to find many different ways to explain a concept, and this makes me understand the concept so much better myself.

I only recently decided that I did not want to pursue a career in academia. It was a difficult decision, but I realized that I am much more interested in working on problems with immediate impact. I want to start a company, where I can use both my technical skills and my people skills.

I am currently working on two independent projects (very early stage start-ups). One is in Statistical Modeling, and the other is in Technology and Communication. They are both risky ventures, but I love what I do!


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