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"When it comes to getting in to
top colleges, it takes a Team"

Yale University

Education: Yale University, Art, 2016


Years of Tutoring Experience: 8


Subject(s) you Tutor: English, Literature, Reading, Writing, College Essay, French, German, Ancient Greek, SAT, AP, SAT II, Art Portfolio Development, Art History


 Relavant Test Scores

SAT Writing: 800

SAT Reading: 780

SAT Math: 760

SAT Composite: 2340

AP US History: 5

AP French: 5

AP Biology: 5

AP Literature: 5

SAT II Literature: 800

SAT II French: 790

SAT II Biology: 780

SAT II US History: 800


Short Bio:


I began my tutoring career helping NYC public middle school students advance in their studies. It was incredibly gratifying to see my students succeed and be accepted into competitive high schools across the city. While still in high school, I was asked to tutor students struggling with Ancient Greek, and at Yale University, I was chosen and hired by Yale Center for Language Study as a French tutor to help students at all levels in their French coursework.  As an independent tutor working with students in middle and high school, I have been involved in tutoring French, Ancient Greek, English and writing, and helping students prepare for their AP, SAT, and SAT Subject exams across subjects. I am particularly adept at helping student develop strong, compelling personal essays for college applications – a task I really enjoy.  I understand the application process well and can help ease any anxiety students and their parents might feel about the process. Because I am an artist with many years of training, I can also help students develop a successful visual arts portfolio for college admissions.

My most challenging and rewarding tutoring experience involved helping incarcerated youth study for and pass the GED. I feel comfortable working with students of all level and learning styles, and have the ability to design and personalize a curriculum to suit your needs.  I know how important it is to motivate and encourage students, whether they are struggling in a subject or simply looking to do advance more quickly, and I take great pride in helping them achieve and even exceed their goals


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