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"When it comes to getting in to
top colleges, it takes a Team"

University of Pennsylvania

Education: Harvard University, Undeclared A.B. candidate, expected graduation May 2020


Years of Tutoring Experience: 4


Subject(s) you tutor:

Subjects: Calculus AB (Calculus I), Physics, Biology, US History, American Government, AP English (Language or Literature)

Standardized Tests: PSAT preparation, SAT preparation, SAT subject test in Biology, SAT subject test in Literature, SAT subject test in Math II

General: reading comprehension, essay editing, college consulting


Relevant Test Scores: SAT super score (I took the SAT 3 times): 2270 (Reading: 800, Writing: 730, Math: 740), SAT subject test Math 2: 780, SAT subject test biology: 800, SAT subject test Literature: 760



Short Bio:


Throughout my four years of high school, I was involved in tutoring. As president of our volunteer organization, I directed and participated in tutoring at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Informally, I have helped many peers in their studies throughout my first year of college and high school. I find that I learn a lot through studying with and tutoring others, and that in combining my knowledge of what works best for me with what works best for those around me, I have access to a wide range of studying techniques. I usually like to ask some baseline questions to get a grasp of my student’s understanding, go through the material, do lots of practice problems, and return to the material to make sure that the information can be generalized to the many different types of questions you might come across. Tutoring is fun for me because I like being engaged with all different types of material and working with students. Helping students do their best is exciting because I’ve been there, too! As of yet, I am undeclared in my concentration, but I am considering neurobiology or biomedical engineering with a secondary in global health as I hope to work at the intersection of science and policy. I recently got involved in lab studying deep brain stimulation, and around campus I am a staff member of Ecdysis (a science and art journal) and volunteer teaching English at a local Vietnamese immigration center.



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