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Cornell University

Education: Cornell University, Biological Sciences, Class of 2017
Years of Tutoring Experience: 2 Years 
Subject(s) you tutor: Chemistry, Statistics, Calculus, Precalculus, Algebra, Geometry, Biochemistry, Spanish, Biology
Relevant Test Scores: SAT MATH II: 800, SAT 2230
Short Bio:
I have served as a tutor at Cornell University for the past couple of years for several subjects ranging from Chemistry to Statistics. A lot the students that I have tutored have gone on to achieve grades in their classes higher than what they were shooting for in the classes when they first started. I have helped students raise their grades from Cs to Bs and from Bs to As in the past couple of years I have tutored. I often like to start my sessions by getting a feel for how knowledgeable my tutees are in the subject by having them talk to me about practice questions and their own understanding of the material. From there I gauge how much explanation is needed to convey the topic in a simpler and more efficient manner. From there I will break down practice questions and show them my way of going about solving certain problems so that they can work to implement the same strategies on their own without assistance. Not everyone is the same when it comes to learning so I like to try different modes of explanation whether it be verbally or visually. I like to think that my ability to break things down and relate ideas to simpler topics has helped me be a successful tutor. I enjoy tutoring because of the satisfaction I get from being able to help someone struggling as we have most likely all been in the same position at some point in our life. I look forward to helping you out!


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