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"When it comes to getting in to
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Online Tutors Philadelphia Help You for Ivy League College

You should try and maintain a sterling academic record throughout, indulge in extracurricular activities, your letters of recommendations should be in place and your SAT score should be great besides ensuring you get sufficient practice of writing great essays. Yes that is about everything. Sounds like a lot? Yes it does sound like a lot to me as well. But nobody ever said that Ivy League was a cake walk. How to manage all that? Find good online tutors. It shouldn’t be very difficult because many alumni from these colleges are now tutors themselves for example the team at “”. They are a team of a few people from different Ivy League colleges who have now taken the mantle of helping others who have the same dream they once had-the dream of studying at a Ivy League college. Most of these tutors understand that getting through the most elite colleges in the whole world needs you to start preparing early and will coach you starting from ninth grade itself. Following are a few ways in which an online tutor can help you:

1) Getting a good SAT score- Good online NJ tutors will give you tips to get a good SAT score and at the same time motivate you to do your best on the day of the exam and prepare you mentally so you do not get nervous right before the exam. You need an online tutor to tell you things like when the SAT pattern changes etc.

2) Getting a good ACT score- ACT exam is a substitute of SAT and has various sections such as Math, Science, Reading and English.

3) AP tutoring-Taking an AP exam is important in many ways. It shows the examiner that you like challenges and this adds weight to your transcript.

4) Admission consulting- The tutor you hire will help you not only prepare for the exam but also save you the headache of organizing applications, evaluating your transcript etc.

That is just the tip of the iceberg. Having online tutors highly increases your chances at getting admitted in a Ivy League College. And we all know how many that matters -a lot!

Your online tutor takes away all the headache of the many formalities that exist in the admission process and leaves you more time to concentrate on what is important-the real preparation. On top of that they obviously guide you on how to better your preparation. These tutors will also help you find an internship.

These online Philadelphia tutors have an idea of what might click with the selection committee for example your piano skills or your service to the nation and these coaches will also give you inside tips such as the fact that the selection committee knows the difference between when a candidate writes something on his resume just to impress the committee and when the passion is real! All this matters in the interview.

Hope the $1000 you spend on the online tutor proves worthwhile. Good luck!


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