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"When it comes to getting in to
top colleges, it takes a Team"

Individual Packages

The Ivy Team Consultation



One hour consultation with The Ivy Team. Prior to the meeting, students must provide The Ivy Team with transcripts and grades, resume, and activities sheet. The first part of the consultation will be spent familiarizing The Ivy Team with the goals and background of the student. During the second part of the hour, The Ivy Team will advise students on several aspects of the college process. Students will be provided with a final copy of The Ivy Team recommendations afterwards.

Foci of The Ivy Team consultation:

  • Reviewing school transcripts and resume
  • College selection advisement
  • Strategic planning and positioning based on college selections
  • Strategic planning to boost credentials, improve high school record, and ameliorate weaknesses
  • Defining extraordinary academic, extracurricular, and summer activities
  • Identifying and maximizing “hooks” that differentiate the student from other applicants We will get back to you with in 12 hours