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"When it comes to getting in to
top colleges, it takes a Team"

Princeton University

Education: Princeton University ’08, major: Anthropology (coursework completed in the basic sciences)


Years of Tutoring Experience: 15


Subject(s) you tutor in: SAT, ACT, geometry, algebra, calculus, biology, physics, chemistry


Relevant Test Scores: ACT: 33, AP Calculus: 5



Short Bio:


Hello! My name is Rebekah and I am currently pursuing a degree in medicine. I have tutored on and off for about 14 years. I started in high school and have tutored all the way up to the medical school level. I’ve tutored alone, within schools, and with tutoring companies. My proudest moment while tutoring was helping a student raise her grade by two letter grades. I ended up changing her mind about calculus; she actually started to enjoy it!  I’ve also helped a student increase her ACT score by six points. I generally cater to the student’s learning style while tutoring and I try to make each subject fun to learn about. Enthusiasm and curiosity are key ingredients to my teaching style, so I try to pass that along to my students. Also, I am a big believer in the Socratic method, though it may not work for everyone. Outside of tutoring, I like to travel, read, cook, hike, and laugh in the company of family and friends.


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