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"When it comes to getting in to
top colleges, it takes a Team"

Yale University

Education:Yale University, Political Science conc. Urban Studies, 2018

Years of Tutoring Experience: 2

Subject(s) you tutor: SAT, Latin, French, Spanish, Math (Algebra/Calculus), Essay Writing, College Consultation

Relevant Test Scores:SAT I: 2210 | CR 740, M 720, WR 750

SAT II: French 800, Math II 800, Biology 800, Chemistry 760, Latin 800

AP: English Language 5, Chemistry 5, Calculus AB 5, Calculus BC 5, French Language 4, English Literature 4, Biology 4


Short Bio:

I first began tutoring back in high school where I helped middle-schoolers from disadvantaged schools reach their full potential. I assisted them in all core school subjects with a particular focus on algebra, critical reading, and writing. My proudest tutoring moment comes from this period when I helped a recent immigrant from the Dominican Republic develop his English skills. This advancement in turn gave him the ability to conquer algebra, where critical thinking problems had been the source of much frustration. I believe that every student has the potential to learn any subject, but that in order to unlock this potential, they require the correct skillset. I hope to provide students with those skillsets as opposed to simply providing the answers.


My passion for teaching continued into college, where my advanced preparation in essay writing allowed me to help my fellow peers acclimate to writing at a college-level. I also tutored my peers in statistics and calculus. Now that I have returned to New York, I hope to impart some of the knowledge I have gained to others. As an alum of a Manhattan preparatory school, I understand the intensity that comes with college application process and seek to ease some of that stress by offering my own advice and guidance. When I am not teaching, I spend time reading extensively about environmental and socioeconomic inequality, or biking.



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