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"When it comes to getting in to
top colleges, it takes a Team"

Ryan Williams
Darmouth University

Education: Dartmouth, Theater Studies, African American Studies, 2012


Years of Tutoring Experience: 3


Subject(s) you tutor: Race, Cultural, Gender studies, Media studies, Literature, History, Modern Art History, Drama, Performance studies



Short Bio


I have over three years of tutoring experience. I have helped students prepare papers for literature courses, study for the Regent’s Exam, and catch up in classes they have fallen behind. In addition, I have helped students prepare oral and visual presentations, prepare for mid term and final exams in History and Cultural studies courses. My tutoring highlights include assisting a 12th grader in boosting their failing literature grade into a 80%. One of my primary aims as a tutor is to coach the client to approach papers with confidence and ease. Everyone has distinct voice and style that characterizes their writing, however, many students are uncomfortable with writing. My method of tutoring is meticulously focused on empowering students to become daring writers.

Outside of tutoring I am an educator, director, writer, and an actor.


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