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Cornell University

Education: Cornell University, Biology & Society, 2017
Years of Tutoring Experience: 4 years
Subject(s) you tutor: SAT, SAT II, Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Physics, MCAT, AP Test Prep, Algebra I/II, U.S. History, Reading, Essay Writing, College Consultation
Relevant Test Scores: MCAT: 519 (98th percentile)
SAT: 2380 (800 M, 790 W, 790 CR)
SAT II Biology: 780
SAT II Math II: 760
SAT II U.S. History: 760
AP Biology: 5
AP Calc BC: 5
AP U.S. History: 5
AP Statistics: 5
Short Bio: Sabrina has over four years of experience tutoring a variety of subjects. She first started tutoring for middle school subjects and the SAT. During her time as an SAT tutor, she helped increase students critical reading and writing scores by 200 points. She has really enjoyed developing coherent essay ideas for both the SAT writing section as well as college admission essays. In addition, Sabrina has tutored throughout college in college level biology courses and biochemistry courses. She has worked in very individualized settings with these science students to understand the type of learning that best fits them. As a biology and biochemistry tutor, she would employ oral quizzes in which students explain concepts to the tutor in order to assess foundational knowledge. When students are able to verbally explain concepts on their own, they are often better able to comprehend increasingly difficult topics.
As a tutor, Sabrina focuses on creating a comfortable environment where students can are free to ask questions. She likes to use diagrams, visuals, videos, as well as traditional materials to ensure that students understand the foundation of the subject rather than solely memorizing facts. Sabrina generally likes to assess strengths and weaknesses to create an efficient tutoring course of action. She loves seeing students tangibly improve  which motivates her to put in focused, individualized attention during every tutoring session. In the future, Sabrina hopes to attend medical school and eventually become an academic physician. Outside of tutoring, she loves to read, run along the Hudson, and cook new recipes.


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