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"When it comes to getting in to
top colleges, it takes a Team"

University of Pennsylvania

Education: University of Pennsylvania, BA in History, 2015


Years of Tutoring Experience: 2 years of teaching


Subject(s) you tutor: (please make an exhaustive list. Clients will be able to search you by this list a well)


  • General math
  • Algebra I, III, III
  • Trigonometry
  • Geometry
  • History (US, World, AP)
  • English, reading comprehension
  • Writing process, editing, and proofreading
  • SAT/ACT prep
  • College admissions assistance



Short Bio


I am a math teacher in a small charter school in Philadelphia. I regularly teach 90 students everyday as well as three small groups a week for tutoring and remediation. As a teacher, as well as a tutor, my aim is to meet students where they are and help them grow from there. In my first year of teaching, more than 80% of my students exceeded their yearly growth goals in math. Part of this success is not only carefully guiding students through material, but also being able to recognize the deficit in their understanding and helping to repair the misconception through either discussion of targeted questions or guided examples. Part of this ability comes from the personal bonds and relationships I form with students, a partnership we forge together with the intentions of helping them reach their specific goals.


+ 323-IVY-TM12
+ 323-489-8612 We will get back to you with in 12 hours