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Cornell University

Education: Cornell University, Biological Sciences, Class of 2018

Years of Tutoring Experience: 2 years

Subject(s) you tutor: Algebra I/II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Biochemistry, SAT 2 Biology, AP Biology, MCAT Biology Section, SHSAT, SAT, ACT, English Reading & Composition, College Consulting

Relevant Test Scores: MCAT Biology/Biochem Section 130 (98thpercentile), ACT 33, AP English Language 5, AP English Literature 5, SHSAT 598


Short Bio:

I have been a TA for introductory college biology classes and led optional study groups for these classes as well. Even though attendance wasn’t a mandatory component of my students’ grades, many of them still found it worthwhile to go to my sessions. I also have experience as a tutor for the Advancement through Individual Determination (AVID) program, which entailed providing academic assistance and mentorship to high school students. Many of these students that I’ve helped come from backgrounds that are typically underrepresented in higher education, and also do not have family members that attended or graduated from college.

As for my tutoring style, I love integrating humor in my lessons. Whether it be helping students come up with silly acronyms or using exaggerated storytelling to better explain difficult concepts, my goal is to ensure that students aren’t intimidated by the course material. Because I’m a very visual learner, I also like using whiteboards and markers to create colorful pictures and diagrams that students have an easier time memorizing. What makes me a successful tutor is the patience and positivity I exhibit, even when students feel like they’re struggling. I don’t mind explaining the material many times and making several attempts to find better examples that are more suited to a student’s learning style.

My future career plan is to become a women’s health nurse practitioner or an obstetrician-gynecologist. Outside of tutoring, I enjoy baking sweets, watching anime, and helping the rest of my cousins get into their dream universities.


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