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Cornell University

Education: Cornell University, Biological Sciences, 2017

Years of Tutoring Experience: 3

Subject(s) you tutor: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Algebra I/II, Reading, Writing, SAT, SAT2, MCAT

Relevant Test Scores:

SAT:2320 (780R/740M/800W)

MCAT: 518, 97th percentile

Biology SAT2: 780

Math SAT2: 780


Short Bio :


I have developed a true passion for tutoring/teaching throughout college after instructing students in various science subjects, including biology, chemistry, biochemistry, and metabolism. As a private biology tutor, I helped boost a student’s grade from a C- to a B+ in 6 weeks. I have also worked with many international students in their application process for college and graduate school in which I primarily served as an essay consultant, and I have helped students gain admission to various schools of their choice including UCLA and Stevens Institute of Technology. It is incredibly rewarding for me to see a student transform and achieve understanding over the time that I spend working with them, and this motivates me to give 110% during each session. My teaching style typically follows the ‘flipped classroom’ format, in which students are given a reading assignment or a set of practice problems before the session which will be reviewed and reinforced during the session. Though this is my favored technique, I can also be flexible to the needs of the student. My patience, knowledge, and experience make me a successful tutor that will be attentive to the individual needs of each student and will allow me to build a structured plan for goal achievement.


I am currently applying to medical school and hope to matriculate in August 2018. My hobbies include cooking, food blogging, volleyball, and exercise. This coming year, I will also be working at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital as a Clinical Information Manager.


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