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Columbia University

Education:Columbia University, Biology, 2017

Years of Tutoring Experience: 1 year

Subjects:Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, Math, History, English, MCAT, SAT

Relevant Test Scores:MCAT 519, IB HL US History 7, IB HL English 6, IB HL Biology 6


Short Bio:Through teaching swimming lessons in high school and college, I developed a commitment to helping others improve and reach their goals. In my senior year at Columbia University, I tutored undergraduate students in Introduction to Biology, which precipitated my interest in teaching academic coursework.


When tutoring at Columbia, many students came to me unsatisfied with their performance on tests. By patiently listening to their frustrations and concerns, I was able to devise individualized lesson plans that addressed their specific needs and areas of weakness. Helping these students involved reviewing content, working through practice problems, and developing better time management, studying, and test-taking skills.

Keeping in mind the unique learning styles and goals of every student, I generally spend the first part of tutoring sessions reviewing the subject matter. I then spend the second half guiding students through solving problems. This greatly helps to solidify the content and provides students with the analytical tools required to more effectively apply what they learned, which ultimately leads to better test scores.

Outside of tutoring, I am currently applying to medical school and working at a plastic surgery clinic. Influenced by years of swimming competitively, I enjoy exercising regularly through swimming, running, cycling, and taking yoga classes. Additionally, through a volunteer organization, I provide weekly companionship to an individual with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease.


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