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"When it comes to getting in to
top colleges, it takes a Team"

Tutoring And Mentoring Services

Everyone thinks there is just way too much information online about how to get into the elite club of Ivy League Colleges. If you’re lost and do not know where to begin then the first thing to know is that everyone else is just as confused.

The best way to get rid of this feeling is to find a good tutor or mentor who will walk this path with you throughout and handle every doubt you might have. You will be glad to know that many of the alumni from these same colleges are now mentoring and tutoring others like you to find the way into an Ivy League college. There are many things that these mentors and tutors help you with for example your essays, selection of which classes to opt for in high school, attaining an internship, preparation of your common application, preparation of the interview and preparing your brag sheet.

The most important thing that tutoring and mentoring services does according to me is to find out which hook you fit in. A hook is something that makes you stand out from the crowd that applies for an Ivy College. There are three types of hooks that I can think of. First is something you were born with for example if you are a legacy student or an underrepresented minority. Having a legacy means that have a parent who graduated from the same college. This increases your chances by 45 percentage points. The most attention grabbing hook is you being from a minority that is under represented in the college. What also matters is if you come from a family which can afford to and will donate a library or a gym to the college. However this percentage is really small and does not really reflect on the admission process.

Second type of hook is if you are applying as an athlete. Your selection will depend on the coach’s influence and thus the sooner you apply the better it is. Being a full pay student becomes an important hook when the last few seats are being allocated because then there are negligible chances of these seats going to those students that need financial aid.

The last hook is of “uniqueness”. If the college is looking for only female students or only out station candidates then this hook comes into play. This hook also includes those of whom who have major accomplishments. I reiterate that these accomplishment should be something major and not something minor such as being a newspaper editor or a club president.

Another tip that only a mentor who is helping you prepare for these Ivy League Colleges will give you is that you should not only Google these colleges but visit them for these colleges also give credence to the fact that you are interested in the college and what your plans are in case you get selected.

This is a throwback to those who say that the selection procedure of these Ivy League colleges is random because it is not random. It is made up of small little things like those mentioned in this article. For more information you should contact those who provide tutoring and mentoring services such as those at the ivy team. Cheers!


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